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Issy is the cat that started Lehigh Valley Pet Search. Issy was accidentally let out by a mover as his family were moving out of their house. Issy was the first missing pet we found and the inspiration for the purchase of our thermal drones. Issy was found outside of his parents old garage with the use of our handheld thermal camera. We are so happy that Issy is now back home safe and sound. 



Feety is a 20 year old male tuxedo cat. While on his way into the vet's office for a check up. Feety's owner slipped on ice and fell on top of his carrier. As a result Feety escaped his carrier. With the use of a thermal drone, Feety was located within 5 minutes of the first flight. Feety was using an abandoned fox den as shelter. He was successfully trapped by Elaine from F.U.R.R within 24 hours after being spotted. Feety is now back home living his best life.  See Feety's thermal video below!


Raquel is a 4 month old German Shepherd Mix. Raquel just got to her forever home when she slipped her leash and went for a 2 day run. With the help of our thermal imaging equipment and Elaine from F.U.R.R we were able to locate Raquel and deploy equipment to capture her. Raquel was successfully captured the following day by her parents. See part of Raquel's thermal video below!

275879689_10228892811769801_2877732595249592130_n (1).jpg


Bode was being watched by his favorite pet sitter when he decided to go on an unscheduled, unaccompanied walk. Bode spent a couple days walking around his favorite area, the local country club. The night Bode got loose, Lehigh Valley Pet Search was on the scene. We spotted Bode walking around the course and bedding down in some brush. The next night we came back out and found him wondering in a nearby corn field. We are happy to report that Bode is back home safe! We provided Bode's location to a local pet trapping organization, and he was caught a couple days later. 



Thea decided one day that she wanted to explore the world outside of her home. We spotted Thea's location using the drone, then placed a feeding station with a live trail cam to watch to see if Thea was hungry. Luckily for us and more importantly Thea, she was! We captured the below photos of Thea eating. Thea was successfully trapped by Elaine from F.U.R.R shortly after the photos were taken. We are so happy knowing that Thea is back home with her loving family!



Gary one day got out of his home. Luckily for Gary, Lehigh Valley Pet Search was contacted shortly after he got out. Using our thermal drones we were able to spot where Gary was hiding and deployed our live trail cameras and a bait station. We were beyond happy once we got photos on the trail cameras confirming it was Gary. Knowing his location now, Lehigh Valley Pet Search worked with Elaine from F.U.R.R and Gary's owners and were able to successfully trap Gary and reunite him with his loving family. 



While visiting family Bo found a hole in their fence and got out. Immediately Bo's owners started searching for him and posted Bo online. We saw Bo's post and went out searching for him. We were lucky and got thermal images of Bo running in a near by tree line. Working with Bo's parents and a local trapping group, we provided them with the location we saw Bo. Just 48 hours later Bo was successfully trapped and reunited with his family!

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