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Our Equipment

What we use

Lehigh Valley Pet Search uses a variety of high tech equipment to aid in our searches. Our equipment is the same that is used by search and rescue teams, fire fighters, and law enforcement agencies.


Autel EVO II Enterprise

  • Equipped with a 640x 512 High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera.

  • 50MP High-Resolution Camera

  • 38 Minutes of Flight Time

  • 45mph Max Speed

​Our first thermal drone, the Autel EVO II has been on most of our searches. This drone has been invaluable and has proven the effectiveness of drones when searching for lost pets.  One case that stands out was that of Feety, see Feety's story Here.

DJI Mavic 3T

  • Equipped with a 640x512 High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera.

  • 48MP High Definition Camera

  • 56x Zoom

  • Split-Screen Thermal and Visual Camera mode.

  • 45 Minutes of Flight Time

Our newest drone, the DJI has already made an impact in our searches. The DJI allows us to see side-by-side thermal and visual camera, allowing for quick target identification. 

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